European Observatory to Combat Radicalization – EOCR

The European Observatory  – EOCR ,works to eye the activities of extremist, Radicalism groups and networks in Europe and their connections outside Europe: the list of organizations and groups, their activities, policies, sources of funding and their leaders and the way they work from inside Europe.

The Observatory – EOCR have good researchers, experts and activists inside and outside Europe concerned with combating extremism and combating terrorism.

The Observatory – EOCR   is based in the Netherlands and its work extends to Western Europe, especially Brussels, Berlin, Paris, London and.

The observatory is concerned with extremist groups in Europe, especially Western Europe, on studies, consultations and alerting to the dangers of extremist groups inside Europe, organizationally and ideologically.

The Observatory – EOCR   works to provide reports, studies, analysis and recommendations to decision makers, governmental institutions, organizations and media in Europe and abroad.

The observatory operates from inside Europe and very close to the European Union and European Commission, as well as the institutions of the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, and France.

The observatory – EOCR   also carries out workshops and conferences in the on combating extremism.

European Observatory to Combat Radicalization – EOCR

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